Fitness is a LIFESTYLE not just a hobby. We will analyze your food, stress load, sleep patterns, and body composition. We strive to improve the QUALITY of your body and generally the QUANTITY of your body will reduce as well. You want to see the kids grow up, wow your friends, avoid health issues and set an example do it with YOUR LIFESTYLE today! 


"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve!"-Napoleon Hill

Having the correct mindset is 99% of the battle. Can't, Won't, Don't, Wouldn't, Shouldn't and Couldn't are words that are not part of the HILLTOP WORLD. NOTHING can stop you if you BELIEVE IN YOU!!!

BOTTOM LINE- Traditional is boring mundane and downright arduous when it comes to working out especially!!! Creativity drives the world from the Ipad/Iphone to fashion, to music. The question is why can't fitness be the same? At Hilltop CREATIVITY DRIVES EVERYTHING WE DO it may look traditional at times but that's called a warm up..... We design everything around YOU and YOUR goals. As Fitness Professionals/Trainers we believe it is our duty to you to keep things FRESH, FUN, and FUNCTIONAL! This isn't your 24hr gym or your local fitness center, this is RESULTS PERIOD!